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Arizona Council of the Blind, INC. f
3124 E. Roosevelt St., Ste. 4
Phoenix, AZ 85008-5088
(602) 273-1510


Membership in the Arizona Council of the Blind is an adventure we want you to share. We hope you will get involved.

The Arizona Council of the Blind gives you a voice in our state and nation. Come, take our hand, and join our adventure.

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Dues is the sum of State (AzCB) Membership plus the dues charged if you wish to also be a member of one or more Affiliates.
Arizona Council of the Blind (AzCB) dues are $10.00.
Affiliate dues are $3.00 Maricopa Club, $5.00 Southern Arizona Chapter, $5.00 Phoenix Group, $10.00 Guide Dog Users of Arizona.

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$10.00 Dues for the Arizona Council (AzCB plus any Affiliates.

AzCB $10.00

Maricopa Club $3.00

Phoenix Chapter $5.00

Southern Arizona Council $5.00

Guide Dog Users of Arizona $10.00

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